DeliverMyStrategy Automated Self-Assessment

This tool links some common complaints of organisations DeliverMyStrategy has helped in the past to the root causes of those issues that we can address.

In the list below, select those complaints commonly heard in your organisation and the Root Cause Analysis chart will highlight the most likely of the 5 key causes of project failure to be critical underlying causes of your firms unique combination of project delivery failure symptoms.

You will also receive a summary report of this analysis by email (as a pdf file attachment) if you provide your contact details at the bottom of the page. For a much more comprehensive analysis, contact us to talk with one of our expert consultants directly.

Please select all the common complaints that apply to your organisation:
Your selections indicate that the relative likelihoods of each of the 5 key causes of project failure being critical to your organisation in its current state are as follows:
  • Delivery Governance - Project governance team is dis-empowered, conflicted or misaligned with project goals
  • Behaviour & Processes - Cumbersome Management/governance processes don't address real drivers of behaviour
  • External Teams - Suppliers, customers or others fall outside the visibility and reach of project management
  • Reporting Timeliness - Reporting or meeting cycles delay effective management responses by weeks or months
  • Complexity & Leadership - Inherent complexity makes conflicts between change and business-as-usual inevitable

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