[box]DeliverMyStrategy helps CEOs lead their organisations to deliver on key initiatives, change programs and major projects. It provides a continuous assessment of every important resource’s status, delivery capability, and the alignment of their individual goals and agendas with overall delivery objectives:

  • Highlights Issues & Problems as they occur, anywhere in the delivery organisation – internal resources, suppliers, customers and anyone else.
  • Uncluttered by Excess Data from operational management tools like ERP, PPM, BI or traditional management reporting.
  • Much Faster than after-the-fact management reports and project review cycles, to address issues immediately.

[/box]When the CEO has the visibility and reach to spot problems promptly, they can take pro-active steps and resolve issues, remove obstacles, and break through the ‘roadblocks’ that cause projects to fail – when they occur, instead of weeks or months later.

Much more than a project management system – DeliverMyStrategy is a CEO’s strategic execution tool.

DMS Package - Much more than a project tool

Project Delivery Leadership Support

Combining sleek, enterprise-class cloud software with innovative business practices and expert consulting support, DeliverMyStrategy has been proven in commercial environments over more than 25 years.

The software is delivered from the cloud, and does not require complex integration, so implementation is quick and economical, and can be piloted effectively on a small subset of projects or initiatives before rolling out across the organisation for maximum benefit.

Everyone involved can see the status, issues and assessments relevant to them, so the entire team is focused on managing the issues that matter, rather than managing and filtering the information escalated to their superiors.

Combining Research with Real Life

DeliverMyStrategy has evolved over many successful project deliveries, combining 3 distinct drivers:
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  • Project delivery insight gained from decades of experience achieving industry-leading success rates
  • Scientific developments in Complexity Theory and Behavioural Science
  • Practical approach to implementing simple systems and processes that work in real life.

[/unordered_list][/box]All are integral to delivering substantial cost and time savings along with a massive increase in the reliability with which your organisation can deliver on your strategic agenda. One recent client reduced their delivery schedule by 9 months and realised $14M in savings – 25% of their entire budget.

DeliverMyStrategy has built-in diagnostic tools that can bring tremendous benefits from even the first phase of a project – a great way to start

You choose the strategy and we’ll make sure it’s delivered.

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