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DeliverMyStrategy is built on experience, industry practice and academic research, and implements a management approach that ensures effective project governance to drive delivery of projects, change and strategic initiatives with vastly improved success rates.

Here are a few pointers to some of the more important topic areas, for those that would like to learn more…

Project Management Associations

DeliverMyStrategy works alongside virtually any project and/or change management methodology, and there are a variety being taught and practiced around the world. Considerable information is available online from dedicated communities of professional project managers:

The Project Management Institute (PMI) – International membership-based organisation for project managers that provides education, certification and other benefits to members.

Australian Institute of Project Management – Australian membership-based organisation for project managers that also provides education, certification and other benefits to members and is active in the Australian community.


 Project Leadership Organisations

Project leadership is critical to successful delivery, and DeliverMyStrategy measures key aspects of leadership to focus on areas where improvement will help drive success. We find these information sources particularly useful in this area:

John Grill Centre for Project Leadership – Based at The University of Sydney, the centre provides executive education, effective thinking and academic research into leadership in the delivery of large-scale projects.

International Centre for Complex Project Management – A not-for-profit organisation based in the Australian Capital Territory, ICCPM conducts research and provides support services to business and government, focused on keeping large and complex projects on track.


Project Governance

DMS is unique in that it is a solution to the other 50% of project failures – project governance. The following links provide some of the results of our work in this area:

Caravel Group Review of Project Governance Effectiveness in Australia – (31pp March 2013, pdf  1,290kb) detailed report prepared for Michael Deegan, CEO of Infrastructure Australia detailing the problems in current project governance practice and recommending solutions and detailing research conducted with the Melbourne Business School.

Infrastructure Australia Productivity Commission Submission – (21pp December 2013, pdf 227kb) Office of the National Infrastructure Coordinator’s Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Public Infrastructure, including references on project governance drawn from Caravel Group‘s research.

National Infrastructure Plan 2013 – (140pp June 2013, pdf 5,712kb) Infrastructure Australia’s plan for coordinated national infrastructure, including key priorities for execution and reform, including a drive to become world leaders in project governance, based in part on Caravel Group‘s research.


Practical Theory & Background

DeliverMyStrategy applies key aspects of Complexity Theory, Theory of Constraints, Antifragility and related bodies of work. The following books may provide a useful guide to further researching these topics:

Complexity Theory and Project Management (book 416pp)
(Wanda Curlee, Robert L. Gordon) ISBN: 978-0-470-54596-6 Wiley September 2010

Exploring the Complexity of Projects: Implications of Complexity Theory for Project Management Practice (research monograph)
(Svetlana Cicmil, PhD, Terry Cooke-Davies, PhD, Lynn Crawford, DBA and Kurt Richardson, PhD), PMI 2009

Thinking Fast and Slow (book 512pp)
(Daniel Kahneman) ISBN 978-0-141-03357-0 Penguin Books 2011

Complexity A Very Short Introduction (book 112pp)
(John H. Holland) ISBN 978-0-19-966254-8 Oxford University Press 2014

Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences The State of the Art (book 304pp)
(David Byrne & Gill Callaghan) ISBN 978-0-415-69367-7 Routledge 2014

The Black Swan The Impact of the Highly Improbable  (various formats available)
(Nassim Nicholas Taleb) ISBN 978-0-8129-7381-5 Random House 2010

Antifragile Things that Gain from Disorder – (various formats available) (Nassim Nicholas Taleb) ISBN 978-1-4000-6782-4 Random House 2012


DeliverMyStrategy is a simple, effective way to bring all this theory and practice to bear for your organisation.

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