Deployment Scope: Balancing Risk with Benefits

When you deploy DeliverMyStrategy your team will have expert, experienced, and accredited consultants by your side to make sure you derive the maximum possible benefits at each step of the way, but you’ll naturally want to build your familiarity progressively and manage your risk.

Naturally, the realisable value will depend on the organisational level and scope across which you deploy DeliverMyStrategy.

We recommend expanding deployment scope progressively after the initial review and assessment, to maximise benefits, minimise overall implementation time, manage internal and external cost, and manage the risk of project disruption.

While it lends itself to anything from a simple review through to a major organisational project, the maximum value is extracted when it is deployed on an organisational level.

We recommend implementing DeliverMyStrategy progressively, working across projects or business units while coordinating the overall project from the senior executive level:

  • Joint Review & Business Case – should be undertaken with a comprehensive organisational scope for an overall  picture of the entire potential benefit pool, while identifying quick wins and high-leverage implementation areas to plan the deployment.
  • Deployment options

  • Organisation-Level Change – involving the senior team to ensure that organisational design changes are effective and the entire team is prepared for the broader impacts on everyone.
  • Pilot Project/Business Unit – choosing a strong candidate to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method and provide a positive example to the rest of the organisation. (If practical, we recommend saving the ‘problem children’ for the second stage of implementation, to ensure that we can build some positive momentum first, before tackling the hardest cases.)
  • Benefits-Driven Roll-Out – prioritising projects or business units where DeliverMyStrategy is likely to have the biggest impact and generate the greatest benefits most quickly.
  • Hand-Over to Internal Resources – while your team will be taking responsibility throughout the project, we work to ensure that all aspects of the system are fully internalised and ‘bedded down’ among all staff.
  • Through-Life SupportCaravel Group continue to provide refresher training and induction for new staff and assist in keeping the organisation on track, as well as providing expert, independent assessments and insights to help maximise long-term returns and solve difficult problems.


The broader the scope, the bigger the benefits – once you pilot, you’ll know for sure.

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