DeliverMyStrategy: Software + Business Practice + Change Support

Flying in FormationDeliverMyStrategy is more than just software. It’s a whole new way of governing project delivery. It’s simple, but requires the right tools and expert support to implement successfully:

  1. Access to the DeliverMyStrategy cloud-based software
  2. Executive training in Dynamic Delivery Governance business practices
  3. Implementation support and staff training by certified expert consultants from Caravel Group, and
  4. (optionally) Ongoing support with independent external reviews and assessments.

Each element is important for deriving full benefit from DeliverMyStrategy, and all are designed to be simple and economical – generating benefits that far outweigh their cost.

Every deployment includes on-site software training as well as understanding and operating the business processes, delivered by certified deployment professionals experienced in our teaching modules. Everyone develops the knowledge and capacity to comfortably rely on DeliverMyStrategy.

While it’s possible to fully internalise the Dynamic Delivery Governance processes, most clients get continuing benefit from expert support, both around the system itself and to provide an independent, expert set of eyes to help identify and resolve particularly tricky project-specific issues.

Getting Started – the 14-Point Plan Review

The process generally begins with a comprehensive review of your business’ current approach to delivery. This allows Caravel Group experts to develop a 14-Point Solution Plan tailored specifically to your business, identifying the areas that need attention most critically. The process also allows our teams to evaluate each other and build a basic rapport to underpin productive working relationships.

The 14-Point Solution Plan will then be used to build a staged implementation plan to implement the key changes identified, though an agreed scope. We often begin with a demonstration pilot which can be rolled out progressively to maximise initial benefits before extending the DeliverMyStrategy deployment to the entire organisation.

Considered implementation is the key to maximising benefits and minimising risk, while ensuring the change takes hold.

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