Big Insight is More Important than Big Data

Big Data‘ technology is brilliant for distilling valuable insight from huge masses of information, but has significant limitations for project delivery and governance.

Big Data‘ systems allow us to ‘stand back’ from huge datasets and view ‘the big picture’ without seeing every piece of information. Sifting, correlating and summarising billions of data points instantly, they can provide important insights – for example, customer behaviour patterns or live overview maps. These are wonderful tools for strategy development.

But strategy execution – delivering the changes and initiatives to translate your vision into business reality – is not just about the big picture. It’s as all about the little picture, too – spotting, managing and acting on the exceptions, issues and problems that threaten success as they occur, in near-real-time.

To do this well, you need to measure, capture and manage all the ‘needles in the haystack’ – the 5 key causes of project failure – and you need an IT system that supports this meta-data approach to execution.

Big Data‘ provides a telescope, but delivery governance requires a microscope – DeliverMyStrategy.

DMS and Big Data

Rather than dealing with complexity directly, most ‘big data’ systems ‘wash it out’ of the data, to focus on ‘finding the order amongst the chaos.’ DeliverMyStrategy, conversely, uses small amounts of high-value information and embraces causality when it matters most – to confront the complexity head-on.

This is how DeliverMyStrategy reveals where hidden risks are buried and lets you respond to those risks at the right time, in the right place, with the right people to keep the whole delivery organisation on track – including your customers and suppliers.

DeliverMyStrategy cuts through the masses of data, rather than hovering over them.

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