Caravel’s Risk-Free Engagement Model

We know it’s difficult engaging with new consultants, ideas and software. To make the process as easy as possible for new clients, Caravel Group will absorb the risk of our initial engagement so you can assess our offering largely risk-free. Once you understand the possibilities and see what’s on offer, we’re confident you’ll share our enthusiasm for DeliverMyStrategy.

For a nominal charge our expert team will work with yours to assess your current position, analyse the costs and benefits, and develop a business case. When we proceed with implementation, your nominal initial investment will be offset against subsequent deployment charges, making the first stage of deployment essentially free of risk.

In the unlikely event you abandon the project, you’ll have received a high-quality independent organisational review at a very low cost, including:

  • Identifying a range of quick wins that are likely to more than fund the project
  • Assessing the long-term savings you can expect at each stage of deployment, and
  • Planning the deployment program to maximise your benefits.

DeliverMyStrategy business case development will provide insight into what your organisation can achieve right now, both through deployment of our methodology and more broadly – after all, isn’t that what experts are for?

Risk-Free Assessment and Business Case DevelopmentWill other initiatives increase EBITDA 12%?

Could significantly increasing your delivery success rate change the game?

Would spotting issues when they happen let you lead your organisation more effectively?

Isn’t it worth a discussion to find out?

What do you have to lose?

Find out what the real possibilities are and see just how effective our experts can be.

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