DeliverMyStrategy and the Caravel Group

Rigging the Ship's MastCaravel Group was founded in 1990 by a group of specialists in the delivery of complex, sensitive and difficult projects including:

  • organisational change
  • major infrastructure
  • complex developments, and
  • critical strategic initiatives.

Experience, both positive and negative, taught the team what it takes to deliver results reliably – an 80% success rate, in an industry where 50% is still the norm.
“The creators of DeliverMyStrategy are seasoned experts when it comes to strategic initiatives, change programs and complex projects”
Their success was built on a healthy skepticism for conventional methodologies and accepted dogma – like fixing problems with processes, data-centric systems and bureaucratic governance mechanisms.

Prevailing project management wisdom still fails to address the people dimension at the heart of any complex human exercise, and traditional management methods and time scales fail to capitalise on the immediacy of modern technology.

“No matter what technology you’re using, if you’re not dealing with the people, you’re not dealing with the problem.”

Research into behavioural Science principles and complexity theory confirmed Caravel’s practical focus on project governance, leading them to develop a system of business processes, methods and tools – The Caravel Model.

Over the years, this approach has been fine-tuned and formalised into a system of software, business practices and consulting support which allows large organisations to achieve consistent results.

DeliverMyStrategy software was built on the suite of tools to support the team’s delivery of client projects, which has now been reconstructed as a single, integrated, standalone tool that’s uniquely different and complementary to other classes of business software including ERP, CRM, PPM and others.

The Caravel Model can manage complexity at the project level manually, but at the organisational level you need the automated reach and visibility that DeliverMyStrategy software provides – across the entire delivery organisation, including suppliers and customers.

A new and effective way to deliver your projects reliably.

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