The Single Source of Truth, in Near-Real-Time

DMS Provides Single Source of TruthDeliverMyStrategy is designed around decision-making – delivering all-and-only the critical, high-quality information necessary, at the time and place decisions must be made.

Providing the Single Source of Truth means:

  • a common, direct view into comprehensive information – focused on key elements, not filtered by layers of management.
  • an up-to-date source of live information – not averaged, presented and abstracted into management- or board-reports, days or weeks old when they’re published.
  • everyone getting a view of the same information, focused with relevance to their own position, level and role.

Delivery risk is linked to the overlapping complexities of your portfolio/project/task hierarchy and your organisational structure – both inside and outside of your organisation. You cannot simplify or ignore this inherently complex environment; you need to master it, and make good decisions based on ready access to current, quality information and intelligence.

Raw data has little value for managing complexity – you need quality information, distilled into reliable and up-to-date intelligence on which to base your decisions. Comprehensive task status history data is not useful until you know what’s behind schedule – but knowing why, is what lets you solve the problem – and that’s where DeliverMyStrategy shines.

  • Less data, more information and intelligence drives better decision-making
  • Ensures transparency of status, decisions and processes
  • Reduced operational friction, as everyone sees the same scoreboard
  • The needs of data stakeholders are protected at all times
  • Assured data accuracy and quality across organisational levels
  • Standardised, consistent, repeatable and defensible processes
  • Reduced costs, increased effectiveness and higher delivery success rate
  • Business agility for new initiatives and high growth

“By maintaining data purity, DeliverMyStrategy ensures accurate and timely translation of decision-making information”

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