Is DeliverMyStrategy Right for You?

DeliverMyStrategy evolved from Caravel Group‘s extensive experience delivering large, complex projects and portfolios for clients. This is where we have the most experience, but the system is surprisingly simple and applicable to a wide range of delivery situations.

Its core strength is providing company leadership, and the entire delivery organisation, with the reach and visibility to manage conflicting demands across competing priorities and tasks.

Fitting InYou will see considerable benefits in a range of situations, including:

  • Organisational change programs which overlap business-as-usual priorities for delivery resources
  • Programs and portfolios of projects with competing resource priorities
  • Business unit projects that interact with the rest of the organisation
  • Complex projects and/or organisations with ‘many moving parts’
  • Difficult and risky delivery situations that require close management of diverse resources
  • Major infrastructure or other development projects requiring ongoing decision-making
  • Projects which involve external suppliers, customers and other resources outside of your direct control
  • Complex contracting environments involving parties with potentially conflicting motives and drivers
  • Delivery environments where existing business systems do not provide the clear, concise management information you need to ensure success

DeliverMyStrategy is inherently scalable and can be applied in virtually any contractual or industry environment.

DeliverMyStrategy also provides significant benefits in smaller environments, which makes it suitable for smaller organisations or staged deployments from a pilot in a single project or business unit.

All implementations begin with a comprehensive organisational review which provides a clear diagnostic assessment against Caravel Group‘s 14-Point Project Delivery Success Criteria. This provides a basis for assessment of the benefits to be had, as well as an implementation plan to maximise the early delivery of those benefits.

For qualified prospective clients, Caravel Group will provide this assessment on a heavily discounted basis, making it possible to assess the real potential of DeliverMyStrategy for your business essentially risk-free.


If you deliver complex projects, DeliverMyStrategy we can bring radical improvement – in months, not years.

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