Air Warfare Destroyer under Construction

DeliverMyStrategy and the Air Warfare Destroyers

The Australian National Audit Office recently highlighted (ANAO audit summary is available online here and the full report is here) a range of factors contributing to potentially massive cost and schedule overruns in the program – exactly the sort of project and situation with which DeliverMyStrategy can really shine! The report comes late in the program – overruns are […]

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Compicated Maze

The century of complexity

What is the connection between Complex Systems Theory and Stephen Hawkins? And how will it shape the 21st Century? Find out what you can do to keep your project or organisation on track. At the eve of the millennium, one of the world’s greatest physicists and thinkers, Cambridge Professor Stephen Hawkins famously predicted that the […]

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Rigging the Ship's Mast

Infrastructure Australia seeks to reform project governance

Infrastructure Australia proposes to reform project governance and gives 30 billion reasons why this is critical for Australian businesses. When the Australian Productivity Commission was asked to undertake an enquiry into ways to improve the delivery of major public infrastructure projects, Infrastructure Australia got ready to make a submission. But before they did, they sought […]

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Reflecting on Benefits

The shocking state of project governance in Australia

As part of our  research into ‘project failure’, we interviewed more than 100 CEOs who shared their insight as to why projects fail. The surprising results made headlines when they were first released. Caravel Group, the creators of DMS, collaborated with the/Melbourne Business School to study project governance in Australia. As part of the research, […]

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