Reach and Visibility that ERP, PPM and BI can’t Provide

  • Visibility – ready, clear and simple access to key issues from across the entire span of concern for project delivery – not just within your organisation or span of control, because if your suppliers fail, you’re likely to fail too.
  • Reach – the ability to identify and communicate with the right people about the right issues at the right time to drive your tasks, resources and people toward success.

Caravel Group‘s research with experienced CEOs highlighted a common concern at their lack of visibility – even into their own operations. DeliverMyStrategy provides deep and far-reaching insight into the whole delivery organisation – your business and those you depend on.

Transcending PPM, ERP or BI – without complex integration

DeliverMyStrategy Reach and Visibility Transcending Project Management Tools, ERPs or Business Intelligence Systems The way organisations and people work together is changing, and IT tools for collaboration are improving rapidly – but there is still little support for those who must direct and lead in this new environment.

Decisions made at the nodes where your business interacts with clients, suppliers, regulatory authorities and other external organisations will have far-reaching consequences  – and may be virtually invisible to you.

When those decisions are not aligned with your strategic vision they will often pose a serious obstacle that can jeopardise the success of entire projects and organisations.

“End-to-end visibility into all areas of delivery is paramount – it’s the only way to exercise the necessary span of control for success.”

Reach and Visibility

Traditional business IT systems (Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, or Portfolio Project Management) can’t provide the insight or quality of information required for delivery leadership, because:

  • Their scope generally ends at the boundaries of your organisation
  • They ‘roll up’, summarise, filter or average data for management reporting
  • They’re designed to manage large volumes of data, rather than sparse and critical insights

These systems are designed to compile and manage a holistic picture based on the certainty of complete control – but projects and change are about making critical decisions with incomplete information.

DeliverMyStrategy reveals the elements of the whole picture that matter, in near real time, so you know exactly when, where and how to help your people deliver – providing insight that you can put into immediate action.

In practice DeliverMyStrategy has highlighted:

  • Conflicts of interest between projects and business-as-usual operations
  • Suppliers prioritising their preferred work at the expense of project-critical tasks
  • Poor governance in supplier organisations leading to poor delivery results
  • Poor governance in client organisations preventing delivery-to-contract

DeliverMyStrategy opens up a whole new view of your delivery capability.

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