Some Problems we can Solve with DeliverMyStrategy

This is a shortlist of some of the complaints we’ve heard from client organisations over the years, which DeliverMyStrategy has been effective in solving.

Companies are a bit like Tolstoy’s families in Anna Karenina, in that “all happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Your firm’s problems will undoubtedly be unique, but if even a few of these issues sound familiar, you should consider DeliverMyStrategy – it might be the best decision you make this year.

  • I don’t have visibility of what is happening in my organisation.
  • My suppliers don’t do what I need them to do.
  • I’m struggling to deliver my strategy.
  • Information is not presented in a decision making form.
  • Reports are presented to me that do not support management by exception. I’m snowed under in data. I can’t see the woods for the trees.
  • I (or my people) don’t have enough time to do all we need to do.
  • My Strategy Delivery Success Rates are not good enough. I miss too many opportunities.
  • The company is consistently at odds with the customer. I am always having to intervene.
  • I am not as profitable as I ought to be.
  • The company has difficulty sustaining change and reliably delivering growth.
  • The company is not flexible enough and struggles to respond to changing requirements or environments quickly or proactively.
  • I want to identify new ways to create Competitive Advantage
  • The company bottom line is being hit by cost overruns.
  • We need to find new ways to reduce headcount to remain cost competitive.
  • There is too much Useless Reporting & Compliance that takes up too much of my and my team’s time.
  • We find it hard to keep the wheels on in the presence of Growth.
  • There is a need to reduce business risk and at the same time reduce the cost of capital.
  • We have a high Reputation risk that flows on to our credit rating & bankability.
  • We have a high Reputation risk that flows on to our attractiveness and profitability.
  • Even with all the reports, I still get surprises. I struggle to trust the reports and to know who the team is and who is actually accountable.
  • I get different and conflicting views on the status of my business or strategic initiatives.
  • Collaborative working is a nice idea but we struggle to implement it in a sustainable way internally and even more so with our suppliers and customers.


Powerful solutions don’t have to be complex, they just have to be effective.

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