Small Costs Have Huge Benefit Leverage

Golden key 600x450The DeliverMyStrategy deployment investment is usually only a fraction of first year savings – and the benefits accrue forever. Ongoing costs are minimal and controllable, and dwarfed by the recurrent savings clients realise.

The real power is the leverage of the investment – when you can deliver reliably on your plans, the real potential of your business is unlocked to achieve whatever strategic goals you choose. And that capability benefit pays dividends forever.

With DeliverMyStrategy, Caravel Group aims to deliver the best possible value for money in context of sustainable performance reliability – and more than 25 years of performance data demonstrate our success.

Primary external costs include:

  • Expert consulting resources to conduct an initial assessment and business case – and Caravel Group will share the risk
  • Usage charges for the DeliverMyStrategy cloud application – software deployment and integration is not required
  • Executive education to help you and your staff understand how the system works, and get the most out of it
  • Ongoing consulting support to provide an expert, independent assessment of your key delivery resources


Benefits you will receive include:

  • Significant increase in overall EBITDA of your organisation
  • Major improvement in delivery success rates for projects and/or strategic initiatives
  • Considerable reduction in organisational risk, and better management of risk
  • Sustainable improvement in competitive advantage
  • Dramatic reduction in unnecessary processes, redundant work and internal ‘red tape’
  • Improvement in your reputation and stakeholder relationships
  • Organisational flexibility to move in new directions and face new challenges
  • Management visibility of key issues, ‘roadblocks’ and delivery impediments
  • Clear understanding of alignment between everyone’s goals and your targets
  • Simple ability for management to become pro-active in driving delivery

DeliverMyStrategy can save approximately 12% p.a. of your total project cost (CAPEX or OPEX) – $12M per year, on an annual project spend of $100M.

To make the decision even easier, have a look at risk-free engagement model – you practically can’t lose, and we think it doesn’t get better than that!


“The DeliverMyStrategy value truly is phenomenal … the costs are dwarfed by savings.”

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