Implementation Stages to Front-Load Benefits

DeliverMyStrategy is generally implemented with a 4-stage deployment process led by the Caravel Group team:

  • Joint Review & Business Case Development – 14-point assessment, analysis and planning
  • Pilot Deployment – initial demonstration of success that proves up the benefits
  • Roll-Out – extending the solution to a growing scope for greater benefit
  • Through-Life Support – ongoing support ensures the change remains fully established

The 14 key delivery elements drive development and staging of a plan to maximise benefits early, and external implementation and support services are catered around realising those benefits, managing conflicts between change and business-as-usual proprieties and ensuring that long-term change is cemented into the organisation permanently.

Ongoing support services can help maintain the DeliverMyStrategy business system, as well as providing an independent, external view of key issues when required. Your team takes on the process, but they’re never left unsupported.

“DeliverMyStrategy is not a one-Size-fits-all approach, but its simplicity lets it mould to virtually any delivery environment effectively.”

Engagement and Deployment Diagram
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