Case Study: Recovering a Troubled Project

  • Major Australian Organisation (identity confidential)
  • Strategically important project had been running for several years
  • Project budget of $50M expected to be significantly exceeded
  • Original schedule no longer considered achievable

Download the Full Case Study (3-page pdf file, 413kb)
DMS Case Study

ANALYSIS: Project Problems are People Problems

  • DeliverMyStrategy diagnostic review and business case development process suggested that the overall project should be handled as a program of separate projects rather than one large initiative.
  • DeliverMyStrategy assessment of the delivery environment exposed
    • Deep-seated personality issues: distrust, conflicts and industry “baggage”
    • Poor governance delivery capabilities
    • Too many stakeholders, some with conflicts of interest
    • Conflicts between the project and ‘business-as-usual’ responsibilities
    • Unhelpful “good” behaviours from supplier personnel
    • Unhelpful “good”, “bad” and “ignorant” behaviours from client line management
  • 14-Point Solution Plan suggested: removal of various specific constraints and addressing behavioural problems, inadequate skill levels and commercial contract issues across multiple internal business units and external suppliers.

SOLUTION: Project Delivery Governance with DeliverMyStrategy

  • Project Delivery Plan addressed risk allocation, risk management and associated commercial arrangements, and identified major sources of economic benefit.
  • Project Governance Plan was developed and the size of the governance team reduced.
  • Project Delivery Management was restructured into a program of separate projects, including new:
    • Project structures
    • Project teams
    • Business teams
    • Reporting requirements


OUTCOMES ACHIEVED: Cost and Time Savings with Massive Delivery Capability Improvement

  • DeliverMyStrategy was run at program level with no organisation-wide changes and effectively resolved delivery weaknesses and behavioural problems.
  • Over time, assessments showed dramatic improvements: changes in approach from suppliers, changes in personnel, and internal and external restructuring for significantly improved results.
  • Dramatically improved measurement of (and response to) project governance and project delivery performance issues, and improved strategic alignment across all projects for all suppliers.
  • Business outcomes included recovery of 6 months’ schedule and recovery of 20% of the original budget, saving the client around $10 million

Download the Full Case Study (3-page pdf file, 413kb)

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