Dynamic Governance – Corporate, Project and Delivery

Caravel Group have studied governance and delivery extensively, and learned that there are 3 critical governance elements:

  • Corporate Governance – statutory and operational oversight of business operations, probity, compliance and strategic direction, driven by the board.
  • Project Governance – operational oversight of the project delivery organisation involving project sponsors, senior managers and others, driven from the Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Delivery Governance – seldom formalised, often the CEO must resolve operational problems spanning beyond the project delivery organisation; balancing project and Business-As-Usual (BAU) priorities, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

Whether delivering a strategic initiative, organisational change, a major development or infrastructure build, or any other project – governance is at the heart success or failure. DeliverMyStrategy is the IT support system for delivery governance.

“Too often, bureaucratic governance gets in the way of effective decision-making”

Top-down, corporate governance models tend to fix problems with process – each time a problem is solved, a new process or step is introduced to ensure it doesn’t arise again. Over time, change initiatives are stifled under layers of paralysing compliance which interferes with managers’ ability to intervene in developing risks and adverse events.

Project governance models can be more expedient, but limited to the project delivery organisation and often fail to address the root cause of the problem, in favour of 1-off solutions to get the project moving again.

“Project Governance is not an extension of Corporate Governance.”

Dynamic Delivery Governance

Caravel Group has developed a new governance model that deals with these issues and provides a more effective basis for DeliverMyStrategy. Dynamic Delivery Governance has now shown itself to be a key to reliable success in delivering projects.

Spanning project and non-project operations provides a live, responsive problem-solving layer which can identify and address issues more nimbly than traditional corporate governance, but more effectively than project governance alone.

Key operating elements are visibility, accountability (including of the governance teams themselves) and near-real-time reporting – the foundations of DeliverMyStrategy.

Clients can expect a range of positive outcomes from this approach:

  • Reduces tension around power and authority
  • Promotes good governance behaviour
  • Fosters transparency and visibility
  • Removes ‘congestion’ of senior executives
  • Streamlines decision making
  • Improves adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness
  • Decreases frequency of meetings, improving their productivity
  • Increases staff engagement, productivity and commitment
  • Reduces sick-leave and improves morale

Dynamic Delivery Governance and DeliverMyStrategy together can drive massive improvements in traditional organisations.

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