The Real Benefits of DeliverMyStrategy

Clients successfully deliver 80% of their projects with DeliverMyStrategy, against an industry norm that struggles past 50%. That success improves their profitability (NPAT or EBITDA) by an average of 12%. These benefits accrue across a range of delivery scenarios, including:

Reflecting on Benefits

  • development and infrastructure projects
  • strategic change programs
  • corporate development initiatives
  • complex project portfolios
  • business-as-usual projects
  • and more.

These results are driven by a series of intermediate benefits that you can achieve, too:

  • Accurate diagnosis of problems makes it easy to translate information into the right decisions.
  • Near-real-time information facilitates rapid intervention to address risks early, and avert crises.
  • Multi-organisational visibility and reach let you control external resources effectively.
  • Behavioural governance framework drives strategic alignment of all resources with your real goals.
  • Genuine and sustainable delivery reliability – even during periods of high growth and change.
  • Enhanced financial & risk management improves your bankability and credit position significantly.

“If you know another organisational improvement that can add this much to my business – I’d like to hear about it!”


DeliverMyStrategy will impact nearly every aspect of your organisation for the better, creating a virtuous cycle of improvement that drives bottom-line performance while allowing senior management to set strategy with confidence that it will be implemented successfully.


  • Reduce wasted capital spend
  • Drop in reporting and compliance costs
  • Improved strategy delivery success rates
  • Reduced headcount

Reputation and Marketing

  • Enhanced reputation and bankability
  • Market confidence
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Efficiencies through dynamic governance
  • Improved client delivery engagement

Staff and Culture

  • Better staff satisfaction
  • Reduced staff churn
  • Healthy organisational culture
  • Reduced internal friction
  • Better alignment with strategic goals

Operational and Management

  • Reduce useless reporting and compliance
  • Accurate translation of information into decisions
  • Increased agility
  • Effective management of “bad” behaviour
  • Forensic defensibility
  • Supports Client Relationship Management

Risk management

  • Stability in presence of high growth and change
  • Improved data quality, timeliness and visibility
  • Early & effective intervention (dynamic governance)


  • Increased staff visibility of strategic initiatives
  • Strategic alignment of stakeholders with objectives
  • Ability to create competitive advantage
  • Responsiveness and flexibility
  • Improved delivery success rates

What makes DeliverMyStrategy so successful?

First and foremost, its focus on visibility, reach and behaviour. More than two decades of experience, painstaking research, collaboration with industry clients and academia alike, and uncompromising scrutiny in practical application have taught us what works – and we’ve built all that into DeliverMyStrategy.

What could you and your organisation gain by working with us – and what have you got to lose?

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