Solution Road-Map: The 14 Key Delivery Elements

Caravel Group has discovered 14 key elements that govern the ability of any organisation to deliver the initiatives they set out on.

The elements are the same for strategy execution, construction of infrastructure, software development and essentially any other complex implementation exercise – and they provide an operational basis for the DeliverMyStrategy approach.

Existing delivery organisations are measured against these 14 points and improvement initiatives are planned against the same structure – including implementation of DeliverMyStrategy. The same 14 points are the scaffolding for ongoing assessment and governance mechanisms within DeliverMyStrategy.

Time to Plan

Road-Map for Effective Delivery

The 14-point solution plan provides a structured method to unlock the business constraints in each key area, and provides the basis for focusing on specific changes needed for reliably successful delivery. Each key area is reviewed against a series of sub-topics to determine the precise extent of changes required.

Not every area will require work – only those that are needed and justified by the business case will be prioritised.

  • Embeds behavioural controls first, then right-sized process-oriented controls
  • Combines Dynamic Governance and Static Governance
  • Overlays on an established accountability model for each initiative

“The DeliverMyStrategy 14-Point Solution Plan is superb for uncovering organisational constraints that hinder the successful delivery of projects and strategic initiatives.”

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