Science and DeliverMyStrategy


As long-time project and change experts, Caravel Group have extensive history identifying underlying problems that hinder project delivery, and addressing them effectively.

The underlying approach has always been focused on improving success rates, which always means addressing the recurring root causes of failure – peeling back the layers and getting to the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

Most often, this points towards the people, where the soft sciences provide valuable insights – complex systems theory and applied behavioural science. These have provided the basis for our own practice-based research into project failure and behavioural governance.

DeliverMyStrategy is built on a sound basis in science, coupled with a extensive real-world experience. This has taught us that the tools are a necessary, but not sufficient element of the solution – as well as software, real change requires direct person-to-person interaction and effective teaching and training to ensure that everyone understands what’s going on, as well as their part in it.


DeliverMyStrategy is a practical embodiment of the latest research, packed up for delivery by experts who’ve done it before – and can do it again, for your firm.

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