DMS enshrines 18 Immutable Laws of Effective Strategy Execution which were derived from scientific study combined with decades of successful strategy execution. In order to achieve successful strategic outcomes, these laws, briefly outlined below, must be observed.

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  1. The Law of Effectiveness
    An effective project ultimately becomes an efficient project
  2. The Law of Constraints
    All constraints must be removed to enable effective delivery.
  3. The Law of Complexity
    Most issues shrink in importance once scope complexity is understood.
  4. The Law of Risk
    Risks are best owned by those best able to manage the risk. The real trick is identifying them.
  5. The Law of Accountability
    If you can’t say who is accountable, then you don’t have much to say.
  6. The Law of Control
    In order to have control and accountability, you need reach and visibility.
  7. The Law of Simplicity
    Simplicity supports good communications and reporting, but it is really hard to find.
  8. The Law of Governance
    Confuse project governance with corporate governance at your peril.
  9. The Law of Congestion
    Your project is doomed unless there is room for creativity, problem solving and responsiveness.
  10. The Law of Planning
    If you haven’t planned for effective execution, then you haven’t planned at all.
  11. The Law of Empowerment
    If the project team can’t act, then there is no project.
  12. The Law of Power and Politics
    Stand and deliver – balance the power within and around your organisation.
  13. The Law of Trajectory
    Tick-tock goes the clock. Min/max time and cost will take off into space unless tethered and buffered.
  14. The Law of Value
    Earned Value = Earned Cost. A deliverable has no value unless it is being used in the business.
  15. The Law of Behaviours
    Good, bad and ignorant behaviours all threaten and devalue the project outcome – each in their own way.
  16. The Law of Lawyers
    Standard imbalanced unreasonable contracts are the undoing of many project initiatives.
  17. The Law of Focus
    Darting here, darting there delivers nothing but trouble.
  18. The Law of Humility
    Uncertainty is a given. Be prepared to change.


You can’t escape these inevitable realities – though many have tried!

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