The shocking state of project governance in Australia

As part of our  research into ‘project failure’, we interviewed more than 100 CEOs who shared their insight as to why projects fail. The surprising results made headlines when they were first released.

Caravel Group, the creators of DMS, collaborated with the/Melbourne Business School to study project governance in Australia. As part of the research, 100 CEOs, board members and senior executives were surveyed.
The results found that major project governance teams are often

  • dysfunctional
  • lacking the skills and experience to govern major projects
  • exhibiting poor corporate behaviour
  • conflict-ridden; further
  • not measured on their performance and are rarely reviewed.

The survey results further confirmed a current project success rate between 40 and 50%. This suggests that there is a significant level of lost value as a result of poor project governance.

More information can be found in the original press release.

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Site Updated - 19 December 2018